Writings To Next Generation

Mightier than a sword. Writing is an art, which is an integration of several kinds of arts. Writings, the creations, are the result. People, who write, carry a different perspective towards things. They also love to see the world with the help of a pen. This eye-like pen puts down everything seen and observed. One’s opinions, interests, events, and whatnot; almost everything is written. One can guess how much pages hold. Texts save up the moments. A few pages can store history and help the next generation to create one. However, it is the generation which decides.

It Is Easier To Come Across A Book

A source of interaction with history; the values, modes, culture, and all. Writings have made visible what’s gone past. Lessons are learnt with the help of books, that is nothing but the art of pen and paper. Communication, which is more than just communication. It is quite obvious. A good book doesn’t hide emotions and intentions and gives everything that’s real.  Coming across a good book is easier than finding a good person, isn’t it? One reason why people like to get lost into pages.

A Good Read Makes Writing Thoughtful

The act of writing polishes one’s thoughts and ideas of the relationship, environment, feeling, and even the planet. It is great to write. Ideation before writing is an integral part of effective writing. The text says a lot. A good thing about them is that they can’t be looked at from many angles.  Different ways of writings to raise different emotions. It really is powerful, so powerful.

Flipping Through Pages And Writings

Befriend a book and feel it changing. Books don’t ask questions, well sometimes they do. Those questions make one a complete human being. Progress is seen every day in those who love to flip through pages. The pages carry what one needs to know. It could be one’s interest or something that becomes the interest. Consequently, books give lessons of life. Many have and now it is you are up. Explore, write, and read to understand your own life better. The running brain before running fingers gives solutions to many of our concerns. That is how answers are derived. People have written and people have read.  One’s got to read more to be able to write more.


A View From The Top

The magic ink can make is not quite hidden and can never be sidelined. Texts teach a wealth of life and how to live it. Write to explore, write to see what is never seen through eyes. With books, one enjoys a view from the top of the tallest tree. As a result, it is a view from the top.