If you don’t love your skin, then nobody else would. Your skin needs some love from you, little care, and a bit of pampering. But most of all, it wants you to not make some damaging mistakes, which you often do unknowingly. How many times have you missed on your sunblock or passed over on moisturizers for some gloss? Well, your skin will love you back only if you give the love and care it needs, wants, and demands. So gear up. Here’s your guide to some common faux pas in the skin-care department.

1. Squeezing Pimples

Repeat with me. I’ll never ever squeeze my pimples.

Squeezing does seem like an instant solution from face-ruining, fugly red marks sitting shamelessly on your face, but by this way, you’re making the problem worse. By pressing on them, you’re spreading the infection. Moreover, it’s likely that you’ll leave a scar behind. Better sit it out or use an effective remedy (like medication or creams made especially to root them out) against acne.

2. Missing on Sunscreen

Your sunscreen is your lord and savior when you step out of the home. Always wear it (with SPF15 or more) on your face or any other exposed parts. And I’m not saying that just because with sun exposure you get darker skin tone, earlier onset of wrinkles & fine lines, or a deteriorated skin texture, (in case you need more reason) I’m also saying this because going out in sun ‘unshielded’ also increases your risk of getting skin cancer. Scary, isn’t it?

BTW chances of acne breakout also increase because exposure to the sun dries up your skin and it then, in response, produces more oil to counter the loss. Also, don’t skip on sunscreen just because it’s cloudy out there. UV rays can still seep through and cause damage.

3. Not Moisturising after Washing Your Face

With every wash, your skin gets dry, owing to the natural process of cleansing. Any face wash you use, this happens inevitably, every single time. Even water takes some away moisture from your face. So make it a habit, after every face wash, you massage a nice moisturizing, fragrant (totally unnecessary) face cream on your face. Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip on moisturizer after the wash. You need it!

4. Staying in Water for Too Long

Coloured Hair Shampoo

Love shower time? It’s one of the most fun things you can enjoy in your all me-time. But as they say, too much of anything is bad. Staying in the shower won’t hydrate you, contrary to the popular belief. In fact, it can cause your skin to lose some important ingredients that hold the moisture on your skin. At max, your shower time shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. Moreover, if your idea of luxury on a Sunday morning is to bath in considerably hot water (we can be like that sometimes), then you should definitely rethink the whole idea. If your water is too hot, you’re doing great damage to your skin. Just make it hot to the level of your comfort. Not a degree higher! B)

5. Not Rinsing Long Enough

How long do you take to rinse off your face wash? 5 seconds, 10 seconds? If you don’t rinse long enough, you’ll leave some of the soap content on your face. And that can cause serious irritation and this can also become a breeding ground for acne and other skin problems later on. So put your heart into rinsing off, while you’re getting closer to a cleaner, more glowing face.