World And Development

The world is meant to be developing. In the pursuit of this development, the core of a society is lost. Development takes place but the beauty of a human settlement escapes away.  A beautiful nation is not all about development, it is always about how people see one another. Packed bags, plugged ears, and running fingers, is it all good? Yeah, it is alright. They can choose to do whatever they feel like.

Who To Blame

The technology hasn’t enslaved us; it has only become our new best friend. It is so damn right. One loves it, plays with it, gets upset at it, and even sleep together. Technology in the form of social media isn’t harming anyone or in any other form. Just like a good friend can never harm us unless we allow them to. It gets bad when we don’t understand it and go beyond the limits, quite like an actual relationship.


We cannot play blame game with technology for the mess we ourselves create. Development is always good unless we screw it in a bad-bad way. Development was always supposed to be sustainable. Wrecking up future and making present can never be called development. Mind it, this is the definition of development for everyone today on this planet; wrecking up the future to make present. Still, we carry an attitude which allows us to jump around blaming technology and development.

Steps Towards Nothingness

Pollution is a derivative of thoughtless development. Completely wrong. Pollution is a derivative of our foolish activities that we consider development. It is so clear that trouble pops out of human activities. It’s alright as long as it doesn’t damage the atmosphere and environment. If that doesn’t happen, it’s not progress but some foolish step towards our own destruction.

World And Technology

Do it carefully, love nature and mother Earth. That’s all. Technology isn’t any threat. It is a boon with the sole purpose of making the world a better place. When bad intentions and thoughtless ideas get mixed up with it, it is made destructive. The right way has evolved but only a few know. We must be in order with the idea of sustainability and integrated progress.  It is possible with efforts that give thought to the basicity of the development first.

Without Sustainability, It Is Not Development

Run Green And Develop Truly

Do your things, get stuck to your smartphones, and take care of the planet. Don’t go green, run green. Plant trees, keep your surroundings clean. If it is at all possible, pour all the efforts to make sure things go nature’s way and your way. Let’s go and do what’s most important. This way we will make a present without damaging the future; the next generation.