Workplace Discrimination Deserves No Place

A person must work around the home. People make up a huge portion of society. This is a bit abstract; not very easy to understand. Back from the job, a person may try hands-on household chores. Husband and wife, when working together, look lovely. A harmonious relationship in which men and women both take pride. It is rightly said, “work is supreme, no women, no men.” It’s alright for a man to cook and it’s more than alright for a woman to show the way to huge traffic. Gender discrimination can’t take us anywhere. As a result, it deserves no place on the planet.

Motherhood Penalty, Seriously

Not going off the topic, when the job opportunities would be available to all irrespective of the gender they represent, the unemployment stands no chance.  The gender pay gap has to find its way out of society. A very popular term although silly is motherhood penalty. Motherhood penalty is the reduction in the pay of the woman after she becomes a mother.  A working mother encounters many disadvantages in the form of pay, benefits, and progress.


Is this how it should go? The most probable response would be a big-fat no. Work is not considered work, it is gender specific, although both males and females can do anything they wish to. Work cannot be gender specific. A man may work as a nanny very well and a lady cop may be as bright as the stars on her jersey. Not only gender, but discrimination at the workplace also happens on the basis of race and backgrounds. Work should be free of any sort of discrimination as the work is supreme. The work and the job come before anything.  Anyone can do anything.

It Is Not The Justice

Work around the home, household work carries the same importance as any other kind of work. The difference in pay, benefits, and progress on the basis of anything is just not justice. The hiring and firing practice is not free from the evil called discrimination. Well, it’s not always the ones who take the decisions. There are always situations and society that triggers them to take such kind of decisions.  It drowns the society on many scales.


Anyone Can Do It

What about a place where all is weighed on the skillset and talent. Everyone gets an equal opportunity. This kind of competition can motivate an individual to rise, do better, and take on different challenges in life. The mutual respect can do the best that we all have been waiting for a very long time. Anyone can do it.