If you have been complaining about the lack of time for your reading shenanigans then this 21-day lockdown is just the thing that your reading habit needs.

Cause tup tap ghal pe leneka bahal nai jaane ka nai. You can follow a strict reading regime. Let me explain how:

  • Pick up a book: Pick up a book, anything that you like or have been waiting to read. There are millions of pdfs available online and also the books you would have already hoarded. Fiction or non-fiction, science-related, fantasy fiction, dystopia etc. It could be a spiritual book, religious literature, classic/modern or a self-help book. Just pick a book.
  • Find a reading nook: It will be better if you find yourself a reading nook. A place where electronic gadgets are not allowed unless you are not reading on a kindle or phone or you are listening to an audiobook. Get comfortable in your reading nook.
  • Tolerate the first 30 pages: Every book takes at least 30-50 pages to build up the storyline and you have to make sure that you tolerate the first 30 pages. This point is for the new readers who are still not habitual of finishing thick-ass books.
  • Re-read: There is no shame in re-reading a book. If you want to revise your Harry Potter series or Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or revisit the Shire with the Lord of the Rings series, it is up to you. Do not shame yourself.
  • Bookstagram! : You can create a Bookstagram account on Instagram. You can do book reviews, read-a-thons and show off your book collection. You can write fanfictions and click some really cool photos of your books and post them.
  • Read whatever you want: You do not have to shame yourself if you enjoy reading Twilight Saga or Vampire Diaries, do it if you want it. Reading is reading. Go through poems, Urdu Shayaris and short stories. Enjoying what you read is the main goal.
  • Read regional literature: We have a tressure like collection of regional literature. For a change, you could read Munshi Premchand (if you haven’t then please do), Mirza Ghalib, Jaun Elia, Sharat Chandra and any other writer you like.

Happy Reading!