To be honest, there is no such thing like my favorite book. I am sucker for all of them. I love them all equally. I hate them all equally. The reason for love is definitely the wonderful story-lines and the reason for hatred? The roller coasters of emotions which those books force the readers to go through. Living a life within a book.

Today, I will be talking about the perks of being a wallflower. I have read it over 3 times and each time I discover a new thing about the book. It is my go to gift book for people. It is a simple collection of letters written by a high school student to some stranger over a period of one year explaining the journey of losing a best friend to a suicide and how he made new friends over that year.

The most beautiful thing about this book is that the language used by writer Stephen Chbosky is pretty simple. It generates a beautiful flow for the readers. The protagonist and his confusion with life are wonderfully depicted in this beautiful piece of literature. Every character has a depth of its own. If one could ask me for a perfect book, the perks of being a wallflower would be the one.

If you have not read it then surely do it. It also has a cinematic adaptation titled the same. It has Ema Watson, Ezra Millers and Logan Lerman as the leads. Fun fact, it is directed by the writer himself so it is one of the best cinematic adaptations ever.