Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a fantasy fiction novel series written by Rick Riordan also known as Uncle Rick. The special thing about Percy Jackson series is that it is a modern day Greek mythology spin-off written in a very sarcastic way.

The books are outright funny. The books are very funny, they are written in a very simple language and the best thing about these books is that they are a very light read. It has all the elements of pure fantasy fiction that transport you to a universe of its own. It deals with the idea of Greek gods existing in the modern world and how demigods still finish certain quests and lead a life fighting with monsters and the fact that they have a Godly parent.

It is about 12-year-old Perseus Jackson who is a son to a really powerful Greek god along with his friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. The timeline goes in sync with the modern-day world and is full of many funny references and puns.

This book is not limited to any age group any person around 12 can start with it and enjoy it, moreover it is very informative and is a very funny crash course to Greek mythology. the female characters are very strong and written in a realistic way rather than a misogynistic one. The lead character of Percy is quite similar to that of Harry Potter and the series is at times compared to the Harry Potter series as well due to some similarities in characterization though the story-line is very different.

It is a fast paced series as well. I finished the series in five days and it comprises of 5 books. Do check it out if you are in for some swords and dragons and hell hounds.

Disney tried to give the movies a cinematic adaptation but failed miserably as the movies were awful and by awful I mean really awful and please ignore them for your own sanity’s sake.