A lot of authors build a reputation for themselves. Fitting in a specific genre as an author is not uncommon and same is the case with John Green. John Green is a young-adult romance-fiction writer.

His books have been on the best-seller list and we all have our soft corners for The fault in our stars and Paper towns and of-course Turtles all the way down. He started off as a romance writer but Turtles all the way down was a break-through coming of an age novel which addressed a lot of mental health issues.

The best thing about John Green is, his quotes. Be the the fault in our stars or looking for Alaska, his books have given us a lot of memorable quotes that have a tendency to leave the reader in existential crisis and tears at times. His characters have also left a deep impact on the readers. Let us take Agustus Waters for an example, we all cried when he died. Life seemed to be unfair when we came to know that Hazel Grace was left all alone dealing with terminal cancer and Augustus’ death.

The cinematic adaptations of the book have also been duly appreciated especially the fault in our stars movie which came out a few years ago. The book is also getting an Indian adaptation which is not being welcomes by the fans as such and will have Sushant Singh Rajput as the lead.

So, if you are free and a looking for a book to read then give John Green a try and scream for yourself Why? John Green why?.

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