Harry Potter – not just a book/movie series but an emotion. Past 22 years saw an emergence of a new set of followers , these were the followers of Harry Potter universe popularly known as POTTERHEADS. There are many reasons that this fandom grew so large and today we hope to point out a few of those reasons

Simply superb plot line

Potterhead or not a potterhead no one can deny that Rowling wrote a masterpiece. 7 novels each one better than the last made sure that you stuck with Harry till he end. Each book kept you hinged to the story line and readers kept up all night for just one last page eventually finishing up the entire book in one go. The flow of the story is quite easy to follow, the language pretty easy to understand which made it ideal for kids, teens and adults.

Hide out place from stress

If you ever approach a die hard potterhead and ask them what makes them so crazy about the series, they all will say one thing that the book is a perfect place to escape from the daily life shenanigans and give yourself some piece of mind and relieve stress. It’s a perfect stress buster if fiction is your cup of tea (give it a shot even if it’s not).

The popularity of the movie series

The bookworms might not like this reason but it’s true a lot of people got to know about the series when the movies which featured Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Ema Watson became a sensation. People gave the books a shot after watching the movies though the movies were never perfectly accepted by the die hard fans of the book series as they lacked a lot of plot twists of the text and other important references (BUT NEVER MIND THE POTTERHEADS WILL STILL WATCH THEM). The three lead actors turned into over night stars and have a huge fan following among the masses.

Heavy merchandising

The harry potter merchandises are a separate universe when on their own (writes the author while wearing a slytherin house T shirt, yes she is a slytherin). Rowling and the Warner Brother’s studios have earned a great deal by selling everything from T shirts to socks to wands to candies from the Harry Potter universe and opening of Harry Potter theme parks for the parks, Warner brother’s gave the fans reasons enough to never get away from the fandom.

Carrying the legacy of Tolkien and Lord of the rings

Joane Rowling carried a legacy which was created by J.R.R. Tolkien when he wrote the Lord of the rings trilogy. People can never get enough of wizards and monsters when it comes to fantasy fiction. A make believe universe like Harry Potter stood on the grounds built by Tolkien and thus made it’s place in one of the best pieces of literature of the modern times.

Brilliant grey characters

The Harry Potter characters are all written grey i.e. they all have some set of flaws. They are not perfect 10/10 and lack some things which gives a human tough to the writing. Even the worst of the characters are shown to be having some positive side and qualities. For example the antagonist Lord Voldemort , no matter how dark and evil is shown to be super intelligent and skillful when it comes to academic achievements. The arch nemesis Draco Malfoy is represented as a very sensitive and a victim of consequences despite the 6 year long conflict with the protagonist and his friends.

Representation of marginal discrimination and hatred on the basis of social and birth status

Harry Potter gives a perfect representation of how we humans hold prejudices against some people based on differences in social and birth statuses. How a certain community can consider itself better than another based on these differences. Rowling herself said that Voldemort is based on Hitler and the killing of muggles and muggle born wizards in the book represents the holocaust during the world war two.