We all evolve with our taste in reading as we grow up. I was never a classic’s fan but eventually grew up to love them. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin is one novel which is always talked about when it comes to classic literature. I read it recently and felt the impact of this novel.

Here are a few aspects to it:

  • Satire– First of all the novel is a satire. It is a satire on the the society and the place women hold in the society. The satire part is very subtle and cannot be recognized if you don;t read it carefully.
  • Feminism– I is said that Jane Austin established a foundation for modern day feminism back in her time and this book is a perfect example of that. The way female characters are written and the way womanhood is described in this book is beautiful.
  • Mr. Darcy – The perfect man does exist but only in the books and Mr. Darcy one of them. A misunderstood character who is hated at first by most of the readers, Darcy ends up being the gentleman we never thought he would be. His love for Lizzy and the way he fights with his inner self sets a perfect example for how a person should be.
  • Lizzy- Last but not the least, Elizabeth Bennet. Lovingly known as Lizzy, Elizabeth is my soul character. She is a a woman with high self esteem who doesn’t shy away from breaking all sorts of stereotypes. When everyone was drooling over Darcy because of his wealth it was Lizzy who saw through him and kept her head held high. She is the perfect sister and the perfect daughter even though her mother has some issues with her attitude.