WhatsApp Will Not Allow Screenshots Of Chats

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Knowledge | 0 comments

These days WhatsApp is adding a cluster of features for added functionality and for security purposes. According to sources, WhatsApp will not allow screenshots of chats soon.

When you activate this new feature in the application, you will not be able to take the screenshot of the conversation.

According to WABetalInfo, the source for information regarding WhatsApp, the application is on a testing mode for the screenshot blocking feature. This is supposedly going to come with the feature of fingerprint lock for Android users.

The intention behind this move would be to strengthen the privacy of users. It will also restrict the third-person to not use sensitive information. It will be an effective decision because it was very easy to capture any information by just taking a screenshot.

The incursion of this new feature may not completely stop the misuse of information, but it will slow down gradually. Applications like Snapchat and Facebook are already on it. Snapchat doesn’t allow taking the screenshots of the snaps while Facebook has an option of “Privacy Shield”. This shield doesn’t allow users to take screenshots or activate notifications to another party.

Although there are other ways to get away from this feature. These ways have applications that mask this action, record the screen, and copy-pasting of the entire WhatsApp chats.

In response to this new WhatsApp update, there is no confirmation when it will hit the application. This is no validation whether it will be for Android, iOS or both.