Weekly Horoscope | March 18 to March 24

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Know your weekly horoscope for the week of March 18th to March 24th, 2019.



LOVE: Don’t be too quick to act on 20th and 23rd as it may affect a new opportunity that is coming your way.

CAREER: This week you will see new opportunities coming your way. Grab it and rock it!

FAMILY: Weekend seems to be excellent this week with family, friends, and close emotional exchanges.




LOVE: A love interest may strike you this week in the form of an old pal returning or some old match.

CAREER: Finish your old work first and then start new.   

FAMILY: You will be finishing all your extra work on weekends and then relax on Sunday.   




LOVE: Take your love affair slow and do a lot of talking.

CAREER: Do your work properly to avoid redoing it again. There are chances for travel this week.

FAMILY: Sunday seems to be confusing with some sort of complication or difficult situation.   




LOVE: You will find yourself in more control than you expected to be.

CAREER: Make intelligent choices so things take a good leap

FAMILY: Make a plan and stick to it as distractions can obstruct your plan.




LOVE: Hot love prospects and upgrades are waiting for you this week.

CAREER: Make a wise plan and be on it rather than finding shortcuts.

FAMILY: Sunday is a far better day when compared to other days. The day seems to be filled with love and joy.




LOVE: Romance has a few challenges this week. Lucky ones will get an invitation or have a last minute gathering on Sunday.

CAREER: Keep your focus strong at the beginning of the week. Avoid distractions and complications.

FAMILY: There is some sort of confusion on Sunday which will soon be resolved.




LOVE: Some lovers will have a challenging status while some will have a promising one.

CAREER: You are more likely to get an upgrade this week where power people will assist you.

FAMILY: You will have emotional discussions on the weekend with members of the family.




LOVE: Romance does not do well this week. But stay calm and try resolving your issues.

CAREER: Beware of jealous coworkers this week.

FAMILY: Weekend appears to be excellent with friendly exchanges and healthy discussions.




LOVE: You will have important discussions in a new direction with current love matches this week.

CAREER: Be clear and quick this week to avoid any mistake.

FAMILY: Saturday may be working for you but Sunday appears to be relaxing.




LOVE: Romance does well this week but paired ones may have emotional issues.

CAREER: Finish up all the old work and get ready to adopt the new change.

FAMILY: People may seek your advice on certain matters because you are practical and your foresight is excellent.




LOVE: Romance shows some sort of loss this week.

CAREER: You will hear exciting news this week, so be ready!

FAMILY: There will be certain distractions which will annoy you this weekend but be patient.




LOVE: This is not a bad week. Young relationships will focus on upgrade and progression.

CAREER: The week appears to be challenging for you with power people and deadlines appearing your way.

FAMILY: You are happy this weekend until some confusion enters your home. Avoid taking major decisions.