Weekly Horoscope | March 11 to March 17

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Astrology | 1 comment

Know your weekly horoscope for the week of March 11th to March 17th, 2019.



LOVE: Romance gets steamy this weekend which will take your relationship to the next level.

CAREER: This week is demanding for you with lots of responsibilities.

FAMILY: This week you will be finishing all your small tasks while the weekend will be filled with humor and fun.



LOVE: Commitment levels are high this week, so get ready!

CAREER: You will be engrossed in your work for long hours with extra work.

FAMILY: After a long week with loads of work, the weekend will be entertaining with family and friends. 



LOVE: Romance this week is excellent while singles show excellent opportunities.

CAREER: It will be better if you keep your personal and professional life separate.

FAMILY: The weekend is busy and demanding as you choose to finish your small tasks to free yourself for smashing Sunday.



LOVE: Romance will be hot and romantic this week. There are chances of upgrades for both singles and paired.

CAREER: Career this week will range from responsible duties to absolute craziness.

FAMILY: Weekend seems to be relaxing with a high rate of enjoyment.



LOVE: For those who are paired you may decide to take your relationship to the next level.

CAREER: Career goals may get special assistance from power people.

FAMILY: Solve all your personal issues and complete all your chores this week to have a wonderful weekend.



LOVE: Exciting week for both paired and singles as they may get upgrades.

CAREER: Someone will try to put you down of 13th but be careful.

FAMILY: Get your small tasks done and enjoy your weekend.



LOVE: Romance will soar to new heights as you plan a gathering, trip or a getaway.

CAREER: New opportunities are coming for unemployed people.

FAMILY: You will be busy in doing your home chores this weekend.



LOVE: Romance does well this week. New opportunities are coming your way!

CAREER: There will be a communication problem which will lead to misconception and mistakes.

FAMILY: Weekend will happily emerge with lots of fun activities.



LOVE: Romance this week does well with some life-altering upgrades.

CAREER: Career doesn’t go well at the beginning of the week while from 13th-15th new opportunities will come for unemployed people.

FAMILY: Do not jump to conclusions or make assumptions.



LOVE: A cross-section of Capricorns will have a very romantic encounter this week.

CAREER:  Career this week is extremely promising as many of you may get help from power people.

FAMILY: Stay away from complicated situations and enjoy the Sunday filled with love and joy.



LOVE: You will get romantic opportunities for an upgrade or closer ties in an existing relationship.

CAREER: Career this week will be topsy-turvy as power people will ask for unreasonable things to be done.

FAMILY: Sunday will be a rocky day with friends and family.



LOVE: Many of you will decide to upgrade your status and create closer ties with your loved one.

CAREER: There will be employment for unemployed people this week.

FAMILY: Get ready for a productive and relaxed weekend.