Urban Agglomeration And Urban Farming

Urban areas are home to almost everything; technology, development, services of different sorts, and production. Yes, production of things, services, ideas, and a lot more. Agricultural produce? Urban Farming? Well, this is something where Urban areas lag behind. The dependence on rural areas is derived from the fact that urban agglomeration is not self-sufficient when it comes to agricultural produce.

Blur The Difference Through Urban Farming

The number of city-farms is at the bottom and that isn’t a good sign for the economy. Urban Farming can propel the economy of a nation higher to another level. The dairy business is popular in cities as compared with real-farm activities like cultivation. The places in cities are at a premium. Consequently, it is thought to be a foolish decision to use that valuable piece of land for farming.  Some families in urban areas work with animals though farms are nowhere in the picture. The important thing is farming can really help boost the development of both the urban and rural areas. In such a case, rural dwellers can depend on cities for grains and channelize their energies into something else; science, health, and many more ways of development. This way the difference between rural and urban areas might get blurred.


There is another side to it. It might mean uncontrolled unemployment in rural areas, as they wouldn’t get to sell their agricultural produce to urban dwellers. The solution to this problem is simple; give them a good variety of job opportunities. What is more, rural residents would have job opportunities at their places and they can opt for them if they choose to. The thing is straight, they will have more than before.  Both the rural and urban regions can see a similar pace of development. 

A Solution In Many Ways

Urban farming can give a solution to the problem of wastewater management. Wastewater may be used for farming purposes like irrigation. The conservation of resources will be easier than ever before. The unused resources like land which doesn’t produce anything other than dust may be used for farming.  Urban poor will have an option in the form of agriculture; a fight against urban hunger and malnutrition will be possible. Positive changes are likely to be seen in the atmosphere and environment of urban areas with agricultural activities.  A lot will change, a lot has to change.

A Solution
A Solution In Many Ways

Strengthening The Strategy

Urban farming is sure to dawn in the future soon. It is so because of the advantages that it holds. Everyone will have an option. The strategy to an inclusive sustainable development will be strengthened. The earlier we begin, the better. A solution in the form of Urban Farming?