Population, Youth, And Nation

India is the second most populous country in the world. That is nigh on one-fifth of the world population.  The country is very close to surpassing the population of China. According to the estimates, it is possible by the year 2024. More than 65% of India’s population is below the age of 35; a good indicator of a better future for India. However, it is not quite so. The youth of India is struggling to earn a livelihood. It is due to the rampant unemployment and corruption in India.

Unemployment Roots

Unemployment is different in the country and not so good. According to a report in the year of 2018 India has a huge number of 31 million people as unemployed.  Unemployment in India is in different kinds. Some are seasonally unemployed while few don’t ever get the job they study for. Consequently, giving rise to crimes, poverty, illiteracy, and underdevelopment. A major portion of the country’s population is either unsatisfied due to the lack of job opportunities or is forced to work where they don’t actually belong. Not-so-right education system further aggravates the situation.

The degrees from the colleges actually aren’t worth a lot. The corruption in the system helps colleges distribute degrees and the real problem is that’s not based on the performance. The system isn’t free of influence. The eligible ones fail to make it though, the ones who have got something to give make it. This happens to be the major root of the trouble of unemployment. The problem of unemployment doesn’t depict the complete picture of it. The number of people would rise to the next level if we include people who work in terribly poor conditions.


The unemployment rate in India is in the range of 3.4 to 3.6 percent. Although, the real picture is way worse than this. A large portion of employed people in India have no job security, they work in a pathetic work environment, and less pay.  The gender pay gap is another issue that has developed its root strongly in the country. The job opportunities don’t actually match the field of the applicant and yet the match is made due to the fewer job opportunities or corruption.

A Long Way Ahead

The system is trying to make some efforts to bring it back on the right track. Proper channels have been set up to ensure only eligible candidates get the jobs. In addition to that, a lot of job opportunities are being developed through initiatives like Make In India. Since all the sectors of the Indian economy are booming job opportunities are also growing. However, due to the loopholes in the system, it doesn’t go as it should. The country has a long way ahead.