As an avid reader, the best and the worst thing ever is that there is no such thing as too many books. I currently have 25+ unread books in my book shelf which I bought over a period of couple of years thinking that I would read each one of them.

But guess who keeps on buying more and more of them and still has not finished 10% of her reading target? Yes, me. It is not an uncommon thing for bibliophiles to hoard books and wonders when the hell he/she will get to finish the unread pile.

The to be read pile keeps on increasing and the fact that I haven’t read any of them keeps on killing me. Now, what to do? Sometimes you get this urge to read everything and you end up reading 3-4 novels in a week or so.

And sometimes you don’t even feel like reading picking up your favorite book. It is a misconception that a bibliophile is always reading. NO, this is a very wrong statement. A bibliophile is someone who would love to read all the time but is not able to.

I think all the book lovers out there can relate to this. Happy reading!