Markus Zusak is well known for his path breaking book, The book thief. The book is based on Nazi Germany and the sort of society was present at that time.

The book thief narrates the story of a 10 year old girl who comes to love in a foster home during the times of the world war-2. Liesel and her struggles with the society and her own self in the midst of a war make you question the humanity. Her journey with her foster parents and new friends and the sadness of the loss of her mother and brother are very well written and definitely make the readers cry.

The most wonderful part of the book is that it is being narrated by the death itself. The busy old death who has a ton of work to do in midst of a world war takes a special interest in our 10-year old protagonist and narrates her story.

The book thief is an emotional read. It is not for the weak-hearted and is a sensitive book. It is wonderful how an Australian writer pulled off a perfect German setting in the story.

The narration is perfect and never does it bore you. It makes you ask a lot of deep questions and there are no answers to it. The quotes are beautiful and they make you put the book down and wonder for a few hours. The book is definitely not fair. You can never be happy with the events of the book but that is the point of it, to make the readers feel what horrific crimes were committed during the war.

PS:I cried here too, am sorry could not help it.

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