In All The Spheres

Asian Century, the 21st century belongs to Asia. Yeah, this is what it is going to be. Considering the economic, political, cultural, and demographic trends going on it is possible with a good deal of likeliness that now it’s going to be a complete Asian dominance. India, China, and Japan have all the capacity to lead the way to the Asian Century. This situation can be attributed to the robust performance of Asian nations in all the spheres.

Growing Asia For An Asian Century

The growth of nations in Asia is a good illustration and resultant of the performance. The population of Asia was 4 billion people at the beginning of the 21st century and is continuously growing. Consequently, the workforce in the continent is pretty huge contributing to the manufacturing of products, services, and all sorts of productive works. The relationships amongst the countries are growing stronger than ever before owing to the maturity and feeling of inclusive development.

Asian Nation

Giving The Continent A Full Shape

The Asian nations have made the best use of globalization and liberalization. As a result, today major countries of the continent have become the financial center of the world. Not only that, the continent is the hub of manufacturing and service sector. Even western companies find it a lot easy to get things done in Asia. Asia is in the run everywhere in all the fields of development. India at the service front, China at the manufacturing front, and Japan at the technological front giving the continent a full shape.

Asian Century From Here

The whole knows very well about the diverse Asian culture. The huge events in Asia set it all out for everyone to see. Bollywood is the biggest cinema industry in the world and its growing popularity is not hidden from the world. Many of the disciplines like Judo, Karate, and Yoga originate from Asian nations which make the presence felt.  


Paving The Way

However, this idea of the concentration of influence has faced criticism. The popular belief goes towards the world being multipolar in the 21st century. However, the influence of Asian culture, politics, and development on the world can easily be observed. It is due to the expanding reach of the companies, institutions, and individuals in Asia. This paves a way for growth, power, and resourcefulness.  

The Vision Is Not Easy To Realize

Saying it is easy for Asia to become a superpower in the 21st century would be wrong. It is for the reason that the way is full of challenges, the challenges that grow in Asia. The challenges in the form of rampant corruption, environmental issues, gender gap, illiteracy, and child labor hold Asia back. The developmental activities taking place in Asia don’t come in one line with sustainable development. A lot is there to resolve and only then the Asian century can be realized. Asia is on its path. Therefore, it seems possible.