The Art Of Ignoring People

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Health | 2 comments

Ignorance is not just a rude word; it’s an art when done correctly at the right time, right place and to right people. So let’s learn more about the art of ignoring people.

You can ignore someone in a selfish way and the unselfish way. The selfish way is when you intentionally hurt and ignore someone while the unselfish way is when you avoid arguments and avoid hurting yourself.

What’s important for all of us to learn is how to master the art of ignoring people the unselfish way. The correct way of doing this is by ignoring what the other person said and carry on with your life. This requires a lot of will power and patience. Your first instinct will tell you to retaliate but mate, you got to be calm and composed!

In situations when someone torments us, the first instinct for all of us is that we want to get into an argument them or make them realize that they are wrong and we are right. This thing only works when the other person is a good listener, which is a rare case! Also, by arguing with that person we simply don’t get to know what we are heading to. Also, it’s impossible to change someone so why bother them.

But if I say that whatever you say will not change their mind and will not affect them at all? Yes, it is that way only. You can advise someone once, twice or maybe thrice but even after that the person is still adamant you should simply ignore and just try to tune them. If you are lucky enough, the person will try to change their attitude and if not, you can continue ignoring because that ultimately beats the argument with them and hence proves your point.

So for a happy life, quit worrying and ignore them. And keep smiling!