Oh! I know this one, you might say. Just a lip colour on upper and the bottom lip with some wiping off one the sides (and prolly teeth too), and there you go, all done! Well, you’re right for the most part, but is it P.E.RF.E.C.T? Your regular way might be fine for a daily basis but is it the right approach for a party? No, not at all. For a perfect pout, you need to do a bit extra. But don’t worry, these are all easy steps and worth taking if you want to stay ahead of your fashion game. So here it is…

  1. Lip Balm Is Important

    First things first. Let’s see if you have a case of chapped lips. You surely don’t want peeling coloured lips now, do you? Too bad for a party scene! To prevent any ‘lipstick malfunction’, apply on your bare lips a nice hydrating lip balm. Whether your lips are all supple in their glory or dried like autumn leaves, do this anyway. This is your very first base. On top of that, you can apply lip primer as well. It will prevent spreading of lipstick around your mouth and also ensure it stays there longer, even after you have 10 sips of your mocktail.

  2. Build Your Base Stronger

    Now that the base is secured, let’s start with some build-up. Many times, lips acquire lipstick’s shade in their own crazy way, turning some parts of your lips fuchsia and others baby pink (assuming you chose the universally loved pink lipstick). Uneven lipstick colour tone is a common first-world problem. But it’s serious nonetheless. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you get to have a light coloured base for your lipstick to hang onto? Yep! Choose a concealer that is close to your natural lip colour and dab a lil’ with a small brush. Also, apply compact on it to seal the base..and the deal!

  3. Outline is Important

    You can now move straight to applying lipstick but it’d be much better to draw the outline first. Countering the lips is the key to a perfect pout. So grab a lip liner that can match the lipstick colour you’re planning on to wear as closely as possible. Making the outline will help you not to go overboard and prevent a bleeding lip colour later on. Bless lip liners! Countering the lower lip is quite easier, it’s more like go with the flow. It’s the upper lip, where the tricky part begins. You need to have a nice cupid’s bow or otherwise, no one will consider you a lipstick literate. The best way to go about it is to make an X at the bow with the liner and then trace your lip shape as it goes!

  4. Into the Blue, Red…or Any Other Colour

    The fun starts now! Grab your fave lip colour and apply gently on your lips. To nail the colour proportion, apply it with a lip brush. Top with multiple coats until the colour of your choice is there, sitting on your lips – making you selfie-ready, picture-perfect, and just prepared to conquer the world!

And while you’re out and about perfecting it, you can also use lip gloss to get that extra shine. Why stop even at the pinnacle, right?