Performance On Friday

The performance graph is like a descending staircase in weekdays. Monday to Friday, it keeps on coming down. Maybe not. Sometimes the performance is not at all at a good pace.  It is very hard to keep up the good performance all week long. The day isn’t well, feeling tired, and whatnot. That asks for nothing but a brain running. It doesn’t mean working all the time; just being smart with work.

With practice, it goes better. Being smart with work implies balancing it out with the rest of life. Just a little with it. First off, make sure your job asks for something you like to do.  Fruitfulness derives from this fact. In case you’re doing something that happens to be something not for you, you got to give it a serious thought. Running your career parallel with what your passion is an important task for a content life. This is a good path to, not descending, but ascending staircase.

Do It
Do What You Want

An Organized Plan Works

Plan your work; it could be weekly, monthly, or even daily. An organized plan always works better than just a plan. Organize the plan and try to perform with all you got.  Keep yourself surrounded with people who you consider intelligent. People are a good source of learning and can really help you with your things. A listening habit is a way here. Listening can provide you with ample of ideas and can even hone up your ideas on things. What is more, communication is two-sided and speaking is a part of it. Put up your ideas in a conversation and get to know about it from many different intelligent perspectives.

Go Through Your SWOT

What about a SWOT analysis? It is a good way to know it all. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is a way to figure out where one is exactly strong, weak, and the opportunities and threats in one’s path to milestones. SWOT analysis, if honest, can make the picture clearer for one and one can go at a faster pace. It is good to be intelligent, isn’t it?  

Find An Intelligent Circle

Performance On Staircase

One who knows about one’s weaknesses is more likely to know when it’s going wrong. It is so because one knows where one’s lagging behind.  Off the distractions, off to a great start. Distractions might be powerful enough to attract one off the sure-path. It is quite so and fairly possible. This is where you have to play the priority card. Know the best, what’s your first priority and do it irrespective of anything. Performance is how you perform.  It’s all your choice how you want to use the staircase; come down or rise.