Breakups suck. The world could be altogether a much more beautiful place if only we could get away with this heart-piercing pain. Sometimes your lover found someone better and sometimes there’s a change of heart or they just lose interest! And the one left behind is a sad story that everyone feels sorry for. You might start seeing a shrink, to get your damaged-beyond-repair ego some first-aid. But does it work? You still are scarred forever and it keeps on showing! And closure is not on the cards either because you rather lock yourself in a closet forever before seeing your once-a-lover again face to face. It’s disheartening to see what a once happy, confident person is now struggling with daily insecurities and internal issues.

But don’t worry, there’s still some hope. Here’s some music therapy that can prolly help you better than any expensive therapy to cope. Oh, and chocolate helps.

Happier- Marshmello Ft. Bastille

New Rules- Dua Lipa

Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

Thank You, Next- Arianna Grande