Signs You May Have An OCD

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) occurs when a person gets caught in a vicious cycle of obsessions and compulsions which can affect people of all ages and walks of life.

Do you feel stuck in the intrusive thoughts or images? Do they trigger a feeling of distress in you?

Well, these feelings can usually be because of personality and preference, but in some cases, they may point to a serious issue. Here are some common signs that show you may have an OCD.


Habitual hand-washing or constant use of hand sanitizer is one of the most prevalent signs of having an OCD. The urge roots from the fear of having germs or being impure. This can be common among most of us but when this fear raises more, then that is that time when you need help. Studies say, washing hands five times a day is normal but washing more than that is not.



Most of the people with OCD try to soothe their anxiety by asking for advice and opinions from their friends and family. For example, if they embarrassed themselves at a party, they will keep asking a friend to replay that incident. It is right that everybody uses their friends as a sounding board, but if you repeatedly do the same thing, then it could be a sure sign of having an OCD.

Seeking Reassurance


Checking behavior can be in a way like making sure that extra lights are off or the front door is locked. Nearly 30 percent of people are getting affected by this disorder. This can be driven by obsessions or fear of irresponsibility. It may be normal to double-check something but if it is becoming a ritual then it could be a sign of OCD.

Checking Behavior


Although cleaning gives you relief, overzealous hand-washing, housecleaning, and other cleaning chores can be a warning sign. Also, if you are spending hours cleaning and get terribly anxious if you don’t clean properly then it is a sure sign of having and OCD.



There are certain people who keep themselves away from violence but the harder they try to avoid such things they pop in some of the other ways. They try to suppress these thoughts or may even react intensely to such situations. Such situations can happen with any one of us but if this is making you avoid things then this could be a sign of having an OCD.

Away From Violence


People on OCD are known to cut their ties with friends, coworkers, and even family members. For example, they may lodge a comment at a coworker or ruin a relationship with misunderstanding. Such situations, thoughts, or fear could be a sign of having an OCD.

Dwelling on Relationships