Amish Tripathi’s best selling novels depicting the life of Lord Shiva have been a sensation since their release. After finishing with the series last week, there are some aspects of the books which I would like to talk about.

First of all it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It took me a long time to just make up my mind to pick up the first part The immortals of Meluha. So, even if you are not motivated enough to start the series, go for it because it indeed is an interesting one.

Science fiction?

In the series Shiva is depicted as a living God. The beliefs are explained in a very scientific way. Everything seems to have a scientific explanation to it and suddenly everything starts making sense. Though the fact that every little thing is given a scientific explanation might not be liked by many it gives the story a great touch.

Strong female characters

Shiva Trilogy has some of the strongest female characters. If we talk about Shiva’s companion Sati, she is shown to be a strong and opinionated woman who holds her values and principles higher than anything else.

She hates being considered weak and fights her own battles. Her strength is a major reason why Shiva falls for her in the first place. The admiration he holds for the woman is not just due to her beauty. It is great to see the way Sati is depicted. Some other admirable female characters are Ayurvati, Anandmayi, Kali and Krittika.

Subtle moral lessons

The story is about the fact that Shiva accepted his fate and fought for a right cause, the way he stands against incorrect practices and how he takes the pressure is portrayed in such a way that the readers get a quality moral lesson from it.

The book series is a little different one, but for the love of reading do give it a shot. I had certain misconceptions about Amish but am glad I picked it up and finished the series. It is worth a read.