Pollution Is Invisible

Pollution exists in the form of chemical substances or energy that cause adverse changes in the environment. This impurity has the potential of affecting generations. The pollutants take many different shapes and forms and are invisible. However, not invisible enough that we cannot identify.

Environmental contamination is a major issue in the world. A major contributor to a big portion of the global burden of diseases; pollution killed 9 million people in the world in the year of 2015. Air, land, light, water pollution, and radioactive contamination are some of the deadliest kinds of pollution which are rampant and cause intense destruction all around the world. The whole world runs the risk of falling prey to the deadly diseases caused by this impurity in the atmosphere. Almost all the organs of the body are affected by pollution in one way or the other.

All Starts With E-Friendly Ways

There are ways to reduce pollution significantly with the use of eco-friendly techniques. The plantation is a big step in the against this contamination and use of e-friendly articles can really make the world a better place. Vehicles must run on better fuel, CNG. The reduction is the use of plastic may save water and land. For a pure food cycle, chemical use in farming must come down.


Contaminating environment does not ask for a lot and hence, there are various causes of it. From plastic to glass, almost everything that is not disposed of well causes pollution. Nature and living organisms suffer because of the contamination of the environment. Everything that makes up pollution turns out to be something created by humans. Human activities build up the pace for pollution and in return, this contamination is killing humans. It is because of that the adversity on the planet is rising.

Motor vehicle emission is one of the major reasons for severe air pollution all around the world. Greenhouses gases are making global warming worse than ever before. The pollutants alter the natural conditions and make it worse. Untreated sewage water is the reason water is unfit even for the fishes. Non-biodegradable substances contribute significantly to the contamination of land and water bodies. Consequently, we need to be careful of what we do.

Factory Smoke
Factory Smoke

Let’s Root It Out

Unified efforts may bring about a positive change. Raising awareness, we can kick off the campaign to eliminate pollution. This starts with sacrificing comfort and conveniences; a lot of it. We’ve to follow a proper way which leads us to sustainability, not destruction. The elimination of pollution asks for a great effort from everyone. The rise in temperature, poor quality of air, lessened fertility, water-borne diseases are evident everywhere and it can all be attributed to the contamination of the environment. Let’s root it out.