Independence Day is one such occasion which can be celebrated in a number of ways. You can either give a spin to good old patriotic movies, frantically search for PM’s speech on TV, or just stay holed up in your room all day listening to some upbeat nationalistic songs. But you know what? You can also ditch your couch and go to some amazing places that can instill patriotic feelings in you. So decide on your itinerary, pack up your totes, and give this adventurous journey filled with country-love a try.

  1. India Gate

    If the capital promises you on one view that is both historic and stunning, it is India Gate, especially at night. This beautiful site was built in honour of martyred Indian soldiers who fought in the Anglo-Afghan War and First World War. The ever-lit Amar Jawan Jyoti here pays tribute to all the soldiers who gave their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. The atmosphere here will instantly fill you with so much respect and admiration for all those who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

  2. Red Fort

    Another gem from the capital, Red Fort is the place to be at if you really want to see Independence day come alive. Today, the Prime Minister of India gives a speech here while several Indian flags are proudly hoisted. Moreover, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Your inner history buff can find so much to explore here.

  3. Kargil War Memorial

    This iconic establishment was especially built in the honour of Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the Kargil war with Pakistan. In the middle of the memorial, there is a sandstone wall where the names of martyrs can be found inscribed on it. You can also view Tololong Hill and Tiger Hill from the memorial which India recaptured after winning the historic battle.

  4. Dandi

    No independence day is complete without remembering the father of the nation, that is, Mahatma Gandhi. And no place is more fitting for the tribute than Dandi. The place holds significant importance in India’s struggle for independence when thousands of people went on Dandi march, following Gandhi.

We hope you truly make something great out of this national holiday. Try these places and have an awesome time.