Obesity Stats

People in India love food and food gives them all the love back. Indian dishes are a good composition of the oil, spices, and tastemakers; maybe not so healthy. India is the third largest obese population in the world only after the US and China. The number of both males and females is large. The rising obesity all around the world can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, and junk food. Well, the reason could be different for different individuals. Obesity is a problem that can lead to several health issues and most threatening of them all are cardiovascular diseases.

It is not only because of alcohol, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle. One of the major causes of obesity is genetics. Children and adolescents suffer from obesity caused by the genetic structure. Few more causes of obesity are slow metabolism, lazy lifestyle, and unhealthy kind of diet. There are a number of reasons which collectively lead to several diseases related to being obese. Body Mass Index is an easy and quick way to know if one’s obese. BMI can help one determine if one’s fit, overweight, underweight, or obese. One can meet a physician to find ways to keep oneself from being obese.

It works

Health Effects Of Obesity

Health effects of obesity are severe and can be really dangerous. Respiratory problems, high blood pressure, psychosocial effects, and diabetes are few of the health issues that one might have to face. Although, the list is never-ending. The problems related to being overweight are serious though they don’t always seem so. One’s got to be careful in deciding what one eats and how it is utilized.  There are ways to put an end to it. There are precautionary and curing measures to do that.

In case the BMI found its place between the obesity range, there are a few things one can do to get rid of it;

  • Dietary changes may prove to be helpful; one must try to reduce calorie consumption.
  • Exercise is certainly a way here. Exercise and all kinds of physical activities help in utilizing the calories and consequently, activities and exercise are useful.
  • One may go for medications if the natural ways don’t seem to work. Medications for weight-loss and increased metabolism may be of aid.
  • One has to follow up on the process to stop the weight regain.

It Can Be Achieved

The treatment is a long procedure but all it needs is one’s determination and a bit of work. One’s got to be careful in deciding what to eat and how to burn the calories. The procedure might be long but it’s all easy with practice and habit. Yes, a habit needs to be developed in order to see some weight reduction. It is not that easy but with a good deal of practice, determination, and habit it can be achieved.