Netflix’s ‘Delhi Crime’ Is A Horrific True Story

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‘Delhi Crime’ the seven-episode Netflix original drama is out now. The series is based on a real-life incident of dreadful gang-rape of a physiotherapy intern on a moving bus that took place in the year 2012 in New Delhi, India’s capital.

Delhi Crime does not show visual graphic details but we hear them through various characters in the series. Episode 1 opens with the starting point of the series showing the naked and injured bodies of Deepika and Akash. Akash who was bruised tells the officers about the entire incident.

The series focuses on the next six days showing how a small team of police officers went on a hunt for the six culprits.


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The show’s central character is played by Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah), who is the deputy commissioner of Delhi south district. Taking forward repercussion of the incident, she gathers a crew to work on the case. The character played by her is bold, confident, and independent which shows her disciplines and professional conduct. Her personality is so strong and going which even keeps your eyes intact on the 50 minutes long episodes.


Delhi Gang-rape Case


The Delhi gang-rape case even got international attention which led to huge protests in New Delhi. The ‘Delhi Crime’ will surely not give you a happy ending and you can’t expect one but it will give you chills.

This case not only boiled the anger inside the people but it also forced the police to act faster than they normally do. In the end, ‘Delhi Crime’ explores wider areas of the case. 

The Delhi gang-rape case was really a heartbreaking crime which turned out to be a catalyst for social change in India. ‘Delhi Crime’ is a worth watch among the masses which truly honors the legacy of the victim. The Netflix original series is now streaming and will soon come up with season 2.