NASA Planning To Retrieve Bags Of Poop That They Left On The Moon

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Knowledge | 0 comments

The first landing of humans on the moon was on 20th July 1969. The joy was high because astronauts could finally get rid of the poop bags which they were using over the journey. Now, NASA is planning to retrieve bags of poop that they left on the moon.

Scientists are planning to go back and retrieve around 96 bags of urine, human waste, vomit, and other waste material. To carry forward this, NASA has sent 6 Apollo mission in 6 different locations. A total of 12 astronauts have also landed on the surface of the moon.

According to the Times Of India, knowing about the 50-year-old human waste could prove to be vital. It may give insights about the possibility of life in space and help us lead to our mission to Mars.

For microbes to be active, stable temperature and moisture are required. These waste bags are exposed to cosmic rays and particles, so to know the possibility of life there this is a better way. Also, if waste bags on the moon are tightly packed, then there are chances of survival on the moon.

Even if the microbes are not alive, scientists can still investigate on how long they can survive there. Analyzing the perimeters will also help in knowing about the origin of life on Earth. It will tell the possibility of bringing life to a dead planet.

The reason to why astronauts left their waste on the lunar surface was the weight on the spacecraft. Carrying the waste would increase the weight of the spacecraft. So instead of that they carried samples of lunar rocks and soil for research purpose.