Music Gives A Flavor

One day listening to some good music took a guy to another world that he changed the way of looking at his problems. Queen’s ‘we are the champions’ has become an anthem because of the tremendous magic it made.  There is a lot which a person goes through but with music it all seems smooth. The flavor that music gives to a situation, be it sad, happy or anything, is so strong, ain’t it?

Music That I Love
I Listen To My Favorites

Melody In Atmosphere

Hum a melody and feel it. It is not necessarily what one wants. The mood is given directions easily by the highs and lows in songs. The rhythm may elevate one, drown one into a sea of sadness and perform a lot of magic spells. The music is the atmosphere and just like that it is everywhere with everyone. All those out there who want to make melodies, this is something important for you all. You love it and want to create it, you got to find music in your life.

Rhythm Lifts It

Music is all around. The moment you start paying attention to it, you come to know music is everywhere and can be created with almost anything. Rhythm is the repeated pattern of sound in the context of music. Simply put, when you keep beating your head on the work table it is a rhythm. As soon as you begin polishing this rhythm it doesn’t take time to become a good music. Music is nothing but what feels good to ears and heart. Music can relax your body and in other cases it may energize you enough that you’d get up and start throwing your hands up when the beat drops.

Musical Intelligence

The music is perennial. Musical intelligence is needful if one wants to create melody. Performing, composing, and appreciating music and musical patterns are all a part of the musical intelligence. The movement in a song is a means to self-actualization. It is so because the lyrics and tone reflect out one’s thought process. Well, listening to a lot of songs may be of use here as one gets to know what one really likes; what beat, what kind of lyrics etc. A song is meant to be listened to. The more you listen, the more you’ll know.

Musical Instruments Add The Magic

Try your hands on different instruments. There is quite a possibility that you don’t get the hang of it easily and quickly. In such case, you got to stick to it and give reality to what you really want to listen to. Whatever you do, do it your way.  Even if nothing works there must be something that you can play while singing. Go to the beat and beatbox.

Give It Reality

Good one is the one that impresses the creator of the same. Impress yourself. Once you’re impressed with the melody you create, you’ll always be willing to give your work everything you got. Beginning with the mindset of giving it all is the key. The only way to create music is to find it and begin. Give reality to what you’re humming in your mind.