Most Loved Indian Dishes

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India is home to 1,350,438,098 people with different languages, customs, traditions, and tastes. Each region has a distinctive taste with the unique blend of spices and flavor that has been passed down through generations. It was back in 1800 when the British took back their adopted practices of India to England. It is said that they were so impressed with the Indian delicacies that today there are more than 10,000 establishments in England that serve Indian cuisines. To add more to the facts, Chicken Tikka Masala became the national dish of England with Fish and Chips in 2001. Let’s know more about the most loved Indian dishes in the world.

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala was first innovated by Kundan Lala Gujral from Lahore who cooked chicken with a burnt charcoal flavor. He created history by making this fiery red, crispy, and juicy iconic dish. The dish is made with spicy gravy and buttery on the top. Although many restaurants don’t make a similar chicken tikka masala but the main flavor remains the same.

2. Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni is known to be a vegetarian variant of the butter chicken. A mix of lentils which is garnished with loads of butter is usually served with Naan or steamed jeera rice. Dal Makhni has given strong competition to all the chicken curries and is now one of the most popular delicacies.

3. Kebabs


Mughals were the king when it comes to meat and kebabs. They were the one who introduced the concept of kebabs which further got spread to a larger geography. Kebabs are made by mincing meat with a variety of spices and then cooked over a charcoal fire. They can be served as a snack or with flat breads like roomali rotis or naan.

4. South Indian Food

South Indian Food

Main South Indian cuisines include steamed idlis, dosas, vada, and sambhar. Usually, steamed idlis are served with coconut chutney and are known to be healthy. For breakfast, dosas do the full justice. They are made in a way that can be eaten with any sort of gravy. The traditional chutney served with the cuisines can also be made with tomatoes, chilies and coriander. When we are talking about South Indian Food, how can we forget ‘Rasam’. It is tamarind water that is served right before the main course.

5. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a mixture of yogurt, fried potato bread, spices, herbs, and chutney over it. To add extra flavor to it, you can garnish it with coriander leaves. With its simplicity and authentic flavor, this Aloo Tikki is popular in all corners of the world, especially Britain.

6. Biryani



Biryani is most popularly made with basmati rice and chicken or mutton. It has many other variants too. The traditional biryani is made by marinating the chicken or mutton in curd and spices and then mixing it with rice. This is then slow cooked for hours to mix the flavors and spices together.

Whether its classic biryani or any other variant, all we know is that we love it the most!