In The Quest Of A Leader

There has been a wave of Lok Sabha elections and Modi in India for the last few months. Number of parties, millions of promises and a population of more than a billion people make the elections in India a crucial subject for all of the India. The country has got more than 900 million people eligible to hit the ballots. Approximately 10 lakh polling stations are there to meet the elections needs. The largest democracy has a diverse multi party political system. There are national parties, state-recognized parties and registered unrecognized parties. The hopes were high and so was the voter turnout.

We Are One, In The Quest Of The Best
We Are One, In The Quest Of The Best

It Is About Belief And Promises

The return of Lotus to power can be attributed to the belief of people in the Government and lack of good options. However, the promises, made by the party before the last election, were not kept well. To be more precise it is about the so-called “Ache Din.” Most of the Indians believe we’re not close to ‘ache din.’ Even so, the fact can’t be denied that a lot was done and efforts were made to strengthen the nation.

The Modi 2.0 has promised the inclusive India prosperity and happiness. In the recent tweet post-election results, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote “Together we grow, together we prosper and together we will build a strong and inclusive India. India wins Yet again! #VijayBharat.” It all came with the promises to safeguard India from the evils of casteism, communalism, corruption and cronyinsm. It is going to be Interesting to see if there is a change in the Modi-way or it’s the same old way which led to several changes but failed to bring about the promised happy days.

Will It Be A Victory Indeed

The election results led to a series of congratulatory tweets from the several leaders of different nations. These tweets from the leaders give a good sign of alliance that they are looking forward to in the future with India through Modi regime.

Finding A Better Tomorrow, Modi Has An Opportunity
Finding A Better Tomorrow

Well, we can’t be sure about the changes in the pattern but certainly the government is going to set new pace for the development of nation. What is more, last time the government failed at crucial issues and thus this time we may witness a new approach to these crucial issues.  BJP (NDA) won with 352 seats which is enough to assure the government of the trust of people in them. Now, it is their time to assure people that they were right in trusting BJP. BJP has won in a great way. The Prime Minister has won in a great way. Though, it will be a victory indeed only if the PM does what was shown to people.

Chowkidars Of The Country

The Indian Prime Minister wants to take the Chowkidar Spirit to the next level and continue working for India’s progress. The Prime Minister announced yesterday that people of India became chowkidars and rendered great service to the nation. The PM is looking forward to working with people for people.

The Victory For Everyone
The Victory For Everyone

How Long Till We See A Magic

The nation is building. This time we all are with high hopes for the positive changes and national integrity.  India is a vast nation with wide variety of needs. A lot is there to be done. The positive attitude in addition to diligent efforts is required to give people what they are wishing for. The elections were about the selection of those who we think can bring changes. But the game has just begun and the task is giant-big. India is a developing nation but the real story is that some areas in India are so underdeveloped that people don’t even have access to electricity or safe-drinking water. For a nation with this sort of variability in geography, demography, culture, lifestyle and income some magic needs to be made. Let’s wait for our Prime Minister to perform the magic spell.