Markus Zusak is well known for his path-breaking novel The book thief. The book thief was based on Nazi Germany and the effects of world war two on a 10-year-old girl living in a foster home. The unique thing about this book was that it was narrated by Death.

Zusak came up with another novel back an year ago by the name of Bridge of clay. There is something about Zusak and his narration. The narration perfectly fits with the story. No where you wonder that something is lacking in the story.

The story is about 5 brothers, the Dunbar boys who have lost their mother and lose their father too. The way these brothers cope with their life and take care of each other makes the readers very emotional. The return of an unexpected guest changes certain things for them. The story mainly focuses on Clay the fourth brother and how he manages to make amends to his life.

Clay’s silence, his sadness and pain can be felt while the reader goes through the book. This book is very emotional but at the same time gives you a new perspective. Zusak has his own style. And the people who have read the book thief will clearly understand what I am trying to say. The end is quite shocking as no one could have imagined the reasons behind Clay’s actions.

So if you are looking forward to reading something this weekend and are interested in sheding a lot of tears then go for this book.

PS: I cried with this book too. This is what I do at the end of all books.