Kumbh 2019

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The power of faith and devotion sets the Kumbh Mela apart from any other mela around the world. Kumbh in Hinduism is the largest mela in the world where people and saints gather for the communal act of devotion. Lakhs of pilgrims from around the world take a bath at the confluence of river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati for 48 days. The rivers are meant to be so pious that people believe they possessed the elixir of life. It the Hindu mythology, it is said that my taking the bath at the river makes the eternal sins washed away.

Kumbh Mela is celebrated four times in a period of 12 years. After the Ardh Kumbh in Prayagraj 2019, the next Kumbh is said to be in Haridwar. These sights are decided upon the astrological positions of the Sun, the Moon and the Jupiter.

Major Tourist Attractions at Kumbh 2019



Kalagram provides the glance of Indian art and culture to the pilgrims in the Kumbh. It has a total of 12 pavilions with a total of 15 shops in each of them. They showcase different art pieces with intricate designs along with unique handcrafted items.  To note, Kalagram will be closed on the following dates:

14th-16th January 2019

2nd-11th February 2019

17th– 19Th February 2019



Peshwai marks the beginning of the Kumbh Mela. During this event priests and saints arrive in Kumbh along with their groups from various akharas. In this pageant, people give a majestic welcome by showering flower petals and providing services. For the entire procession, special routes are demarcated.

Cultural Events

Kumbh Mela has lakhs of pilgrims coming from around the world. To exhibit India’s diverse culture, Kumbh 2019 draws 5 cultural Pandals. These pandals bring out the stunning musical performances, Folk and Tribal acts, and Handicraft artists. All these events are spread in the entire 48 days of the Mela.


Tourist Walks

Apart from all the priests and saints who visit the Mela, there are tourists’ attractions as well. To give better services to them, The Government of Uttar Pradesh has drawn special track routes for tourists. This walk is Known as Sangam Walk.

Starting Point: Shankar Viman Mandapam
Stop 1: Bade Hanumanji Temple
Stop 2: Patalpuri Mandir
Stop 3: Akshya Vat
Stop 4: Allahabad Fort
Stop 5: Ram Ghat


Kumbh Mela is never without taking a bath at the confluence of pious rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Inland Waterways Authority of India has decided to run Kasturba Cruise for the pilgrims to take a ride in the waters. To add, food facility and hourly cultural programs are also organized in the cruise.

These rides are started by keeping in mind the safety aspects of the boarders. One can collect their passes from the booking counters at the terminals and ghats. People can also book their tickets online.

Laser Light Show

For the welcome of patrons, The Government of Uttar Pradesh has organized a laser light show and sound show at the Prayagraj Fort Wall.

Thematic Gates

India is known for its cultural diversity and Kumbh is a platform to witness the deep rooted traditions of India. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has designed and produced 25 temporary thematic gates which are placed at different entries. Each gate displayed, depicts its own story which takes back to our ancestry.  

360 Degree Virtual Reality Experience

With a humongous crowd at Mela, there are surely a lot of people who miss out on the cultural events that are taking place in the Kumbh. To cater to this, 360 degree virtual experience camps are there which gives an entire view of the events such as Peshwai, Akhadas, Aarti and other footages to the visitors. This gives a feel like they are actually present there. There are 10 camps which deliver these kinds of experiences.

Chalo Kumbh to experience these attractions!