Who doesn’t like thrillers? We all do and the best thing about good thriller books is that they are difficult to put down and you end up reading them in one go. Today I have a similar book for you all to read. So if you are looking for a mind-blowing thriller piece of literature to read then, The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn is the book that you all must read.

As I said, it is a fast paced thriller which keeps you up all night wondering about our protagonist Anna. Anna Fox is a woman who has not left her house since last ten months and things change for her when she starts observing her new neighbors from a window. The family looks quite normal but they surely are hiding something and it is upto home-bound Anna to make sure everything is okay.

How she deals with the situation while remaining in the four walls of her house is perfectly written. The narrative of the book keeps you turning the pages and asking for more to the story. The questions raised ina readers mind are answered very well eventually and this is definitely a book that makes you want to call up the author and tell him how thrilled you were to read it.

The shocks you will get after finishing the book are worth staying up all night to read it.

It is a perfect gift for the readers and for someone who has it for mystery and thrillers. It is a 5/5 book. So go and read it, what are you waiting for.