Let’s Revive Theaters On World Theater Day

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Entertainment | 1 comment

About World Theater Day

Since the Greeks, a theater is always known to be the most popular forms of entertainment. Although the industry may seem to be dying due to the movie industry taking over it, there are still some people who are fond of the art of theater. Let’s dive in to know more about World Theater Day.


History Of World Theater Day

International Theater Institute (ITI) initiated in 1961 that each year theater across the world will celebrate the significance of theatre. This day will also act as a call for governments, politicians, and institutions to realize the value of theatres across the world. On this day, the International Theater Institute (ITI) also hosts a yearly message which is spoken by a chosen famous theater artist. These artists share their views on the art of theater and its future.

This message is later translated into 50 languages which are read by thousands of spectators. These messages are also printed in newspapers and broadcasted for a wider reach across the world. International Theater Institute (ITI) also encourages colleges, schools, and theater professionals to celebrate this day.

This day is to promote theaters all around the world by bringing awareness about theaters among the people. This will later help in promoting local theater communities on a larger scale.


How To Celebrate World Theater Day

To be a part of the International Theater Institute (ITI) on this day, you can contact them, coordinate with them and be a member of the same. You can also read or hear the message session of their speaker and spread the message across using social media. Use hashtags like #worldtheaterday.

If not this, you can also visit your nearby theater and support the artists and performers by donating to their affiliated organizations. You can even cherish their day by buying a ticket and watching their concert.