Plan It On International Yoga Day

Friday, 21 June, International Yoga Day 2019, a day to celebrate the mental, physical, and spiritual practice to wellbeing and health called yoga. The day is of utmost significance as it is a worldwide practice and usefulness of yoga is obvious. International Yoga Day saw its inception in the year of 2015 after the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as a day to be celebrated internationally. The practice is highly popular amongst the major part of the world population. The theme for this year is going to be Yoga for Heart, it will be held in Ranchi this time. Yoga asanas are sure to train us.

Yoga is the way to it in other words “Yoga Se He Hoga.” The discipline is a means to control and balance the mind and body. It helps in the coordination of both which is consequently helpful in the achievement of goals in life. Not only that but it also makes actions follow the real thoughts. The yoga practice, poses, meditation, and everything that makes up this discipline make an enormous impact on life. The discipline is infinite.


Yogic wisdom is strong, inclusive, and helps in the enlightenment of the one’s path to glory. The deeper it goes, the clearer and brighter it gets. Yoga can lead you to all the joys of life. There isn’t anything like a beginner, advanced, hard or easy, it is a discipline which needs practice. This is what makes yoga different from all the other forms of exercises. Trainers all around the world believe there is always a way that goes through yoga.  It is more than a form of exercise. This is wisdom, yogic wisdom.

Benefits From Yoga

If we were to talk of the contemporary world, the major problems are fatigue, stress, depression, and all different kinds of health issues. These issues can be rooted out with the practice called Yoga. The healing is eternal and with passing time one finds it to be an integral part of a peaceful and content life.  Considered to be one of the best ways to stay healthy, happy, content, and find success in life. Yoga keeps one’s thoughts and actions in one line.

Speaking of benefits from yoga, the list is never-ending. From the top of the head to the tip of the toe everything can feel the positive impact of yoga practice. In simple words, there are numerous physical and mental health benefits that are derived from yoga. Improved respiration, vitality, metabolism, cardio and circulatory health are few of the numerous physical health benefits of yoga.  Mental health benefits include increased concentration, peacefulness, mental energy, and a lot more.  Aside from health, yoga plays a vital role in a successful way of life; the way that leads to liberation, happiness, peacefulness, effectiveness, and most importantly a complete life. The lofty life is resultant of discipline. Yogic discipline is instrumental in this respect.

This Yoga Day Yoga From Heart

What is your plan this International Yoga Day? Are you taking a resolution to kick your day off with yoga? Believe that it’s going to open it all and heal. The practitioners say yoga ought to be a part of the routine. Let the yoga life welcome us with open arms. This International Yoga Day which is Yoga for Heart, begin Yoga from Heart.