Indoor Plants For Your Home

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Health, Lifestyle | 1 comment

With limited access to green spaces these days, Indoor plants do full justice. Adding these plants to interior spaces increases the fresh oxygen levels, provides stunning displays and makes you feel rejuvenated. These plants take a minimal space inside but do a lot for you. Let’s know some and get these indoor plants for your home:

1. Snake Plant

Snake plants require indirect light along with light waterings that only takes place when the soil is fully dried. These features make this plant an ideal indoor plant!

2. Cacti

Catus requires natural light to thrive which should be watered once a week during spring and summer. This frequency of watering increases to once in three weeks during winter. To plant it in your home, try bringing in a variety of them and plant them together to give a surreal look.

3. Chinese Money Plants

Chinese Money Plants require bright indirect sunlight. It requires ‘drench and dry’ approach which means water it when the soil dries out completely. The round leaves of this plant give a vivid impression, so keep the pot simple in the corner!

4. Dragon Tree

The spiky green leaves with a red outline give this plant a very stunning look but this dragon will get damaged if you put it in direct sunlight. So keep switching the position of this plant from the sun to shade.

5. Golden Pothos

Keep Golden Pothos in bright indirect light. This plant requires moderate watering but never allow the soil to become water-logged. Place this plant in a pot on tripod stand in the corner of your house to give a soothing look and feel.

6. String Of Pearls

The String of Pearls plant has lengthy strands of green leafy pearls. Keep this plant in bright and indirect sunlight with enough water so as to keep the soil moist. Try keeping the pot in the corner of a table to give a hanging display,

7. Rubber Plant

Like other plants, rubber plant also required bright indirect light. Water this plant when the soil gets dried. This plant also cleanses the toxic air from your home and leaves the fresh out!

8. Split Leaf Philodendrons

Split Leaf Philodendrons are kept in bright indirect light. The plant is kept in grey monochrome shade pot to give the bright green leaves a comforting feel to your home.