Are you bored with your looks? Are your friends not inspiring enough when it comes to new fashion? Don’t worry, here’re some cool ideas you can use for your hair. Hairstyles define our looks like no other. So a slight change in hairdo means a drastic change in looks! And you’re only going to make it better with the right hairstyle. So don’t be shy and experiment a little. As far as I can tell, you won’t regret these awesome trends.

Side Ponytail

Let’s give the age-old back-braids a miss and opt for a trendy side ponytail. It instantly makes you look different from your regular days. This one has a very playful and carefree vibe too.

Highlighted French Braid

If you’ve colored hair, then you’re not doing yourself full justice if you ain’t going for a French braid. With this exciting and fiendishly elegant style, you’re bound to turn heads, promise!

Long Side Curls

Nothing says I’m all cool and down for party more than some carefree curls. This sassy style is edgy and also *sooo* posh.

Fine Bangs Hairdo

Bangs.Can.Just.Never.Go.Out.Of.Fashion. And this variety of bangs right here has even more detailing to it. The inward bent hangs will beautifully counter your face and will give you a new updated look altogether. It’s the perfect option for looking different and pretty-pretty, any day.

Blonde Waves

Don’t go by their magnificent and intimidating look. They’re super easy to maintain. This hairdo demands a longer mane at back and multiple layers at the top.

Which one is your fave? We know we’ve lost our hearts to highlighted french braid.