Holi: The Festival Of Love And Colors

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Holi: The festival of love and colors is celebrated in India with the evening of Purnima (Full moon day in the month of Falgun) with the Holika Dahan. This day is also known as Choti Holi. The vivid bright colors in the festival bring a lot of positivity in our lives.  Let’s know where the holi got originated.

History Of Holi

Holi was originally known as ‘Holika’ whose roots are found in early works such as Jaimini’s Purvamimamsa-Sutras and Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras. Historians believed that holi was popularly celebrated in the eastern part of the country.

Talking about the reverence of festival in our mythology, the story is associated with demon king Hiranyakashyap.

Hiranyakshyap, the demon king wanted people to worship only him in his kingdom but then to his disappointment, his son, Prahlad became a devotee of Lord Naarayana. On this, Hiranyakashyap commanded his sister, Holika to take Prahlad in her lap and enter in the scorching fire. To this, Holika has a boon wherein she could enter the fire without causing any damage to herself. But she didn’t know that the boon only worked if she enters the fire alone. So when she entered the fire taking Prahlad along, she got burnt while Prahlad got saved by God’s grace for his extreme devotion. It is said that Holi is celebrated with the message of ‘Victory of Good over Evil’.


Lord Krishna is also associated with the festival. Lord stated the tradition of applying color on his beloved Radha and gopis which gradually became a tradition.

Rituals Of Holi

Holika Dahan:

Holika Dahan takes place a day before Holi. The figure of Holika, the sister of demon king Hiranyakashyap is placed in the word and then burnt. Some people even take ashes to their home to relight their own domestic fires.

Holika Dahan

Playing With Colors:

The day after Holika Dahan is called Dhuleti where the actual play of colors takes place. The tradition to play with vibrant colors is mainly followed in North India. But if we talk about the holi of Mathura and Vrindavan, there is absolutely no comparison to it.

On this day people take extreme delight and pleasure in splashing colors and balloons on each other, Singing and dancing on the occasion is also a part of the tradition. Some special delicacies which are prepared for the day are Gujiya, Mathiya, Malpua, and others. Drinks like Bhang and Thandai are also a part of the festivity.

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Holi Dance
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Holi: The Festival Of Love
Playing With Colors
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