Yes, it’s George R.R. Martin’s 71st birthday and we can’t thank him enough for existing.

Well, he is the most hated and loved writer out there, isn’t he? We are talking about a man who wrote A song of ice and fire on which A Game of Thrones is based on. Let us talk about how much we love him for giving us a story to remember for the rest of our lives. And how much we hate him for killing our favourite characters. People have been waiting for the last book but he seems to be dragging it.

I mean I do wish to scream at him and tell him to finish the books cause I want a better ending and the old man owes me one. I am a hardcore reader and have read the series too and just want to say that the series is worth reading and everyone who holds a certain passion for books and literature should read it.

Martin is said to look up to to J.R.R. Tolkien as a mentor and Tolkien is of course the God of fantasy fiction when it comes to the genre. Martin gave us the imaginary world of Westeros which we still haven’t left despite the season 8 being a huge disappointment for the fans all over the world.

But the fact that Martin said the books will have an alternative ending is something that has given us hope hasn’t he? I mean even the non readers will go and buy the book or is it just a very good marketing trick? Who knows but let us give this man due credit for writing something that everyone loves.

The boos are amazing so is the storyline and writing and in the end I just want to say OLD MAN YOU GIVE ME MY LAST BOOK BEFORE YOU DIE and you are my favourite writer and you are amazing.