Hair And Skin Care Tips During Holi

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It’s time to gear up for the festival of colors and love- Holi. With holi comes a lot of color play, balloon splash, and what not. But what’s more important during this time is that you take all the precautionary measures to protect yourself. Sharing some skin and hair care tips during Holi so that you stay guarded.

Massage With Ice Cubes

Before applying anything on the face, gently rub the ice cubes for 10-15 minutes. This will help in closing all the pores. Once you are finished applying, you can apply a sunscreen or coconut oil. Massaging and application of oil will prevent your skin from getting damaged due to harsh colors.

Massage With Ice Cubes

Massage With Coconut Oil

Playing with holi colors make your hair dry and frizzy. So to prevent further damage apply coconut oil to your scalp before playing with colors. This will keep your scalp oily and will not damage your hair.

Massage With Coconut Oil

Apply Nail Paint

Your nails get painted with harsh chemical colors which damage the upper covering of the nails. Therefore to prevent the damage, apply nail paint to your nails before playing.

Nail Paint

Wash Your Hair Well

After playing with colors, first, wash your hair with running water so that the dry colors get washed away. Then, wash your hair with herbal shampoo and a mild conditioner under lukewarm water twice so that the scalp gets cleaned properly. You can also add some teaspoons of lemon water or vinegar into a mug of water and use it to rinse for the last time. Lemon and vinegar have a property to restore the chemical balance of the scalp.  

Wash Your Hair

Apply Natural Face Masks

Your face and neck area get affected due to colors. To prevent further damage, make homemade face masks. First one is, scrub potato gently over the colored area for 5-10 minutes. This will help you get rid of the marks on your skin. Second is, mix gram flour (besan), milk, and cream (malai) with rose water and make a thick paste. Apply this on the affected area and see the magic!

Apply face masks

Follow these tips and enjoy the color play!

We Now Wish You A Very Happy Holi

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