Let us have a look at the most beautiful quotes from Markus Zusak’s The book thief:

  • I am haunted by humans- The entire book is narrated by death itself. Busy old death in midst of a world war going place to place collecting the souls of dead humans and explaining how the situation gets for it. Death is an unbiased narrator. It is in awe of how the humans function and in the end it just wants to tell us that is is haunted by humans.
  • You are all going to die- This collection of quotes will seem to linger around death a lot but what can I do? The book is narrated by death and it is the world war period it is depicting. People died and death is the saddest reality of our world. So death makes itself quite clear.
  • Not leaving: The act of trust and love, often deciphered by children- This quote is in reference to Hans Huberman, our protagonist’s foster father. The person who loved his foster child a lot and was the first person to connect with her. This was how he was perceived by 10-year-old Liesel. A person who did not leave her side. Who stayed by her when she went through the trauma of losing her family. took her in and loved her as his own. The relationship between a child and her father.
  • The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: A boy that loves you: This quote is about our protagonist’s constant companion during her time in the foster home, Rudy. Rudy was madly in love with Liesel and he was stupid too when it came to expressing it. Hitting her with a mud ball and competing with her on the playground was his way of expressing it.

Hope you enjoyed this, if you have not read the book then read this first and make sure you visit the book and read it: