The season is changing and so are the fragrances in the atmosphere and it is a month, for me at least, that fits well with silence and peace and a little bit gloom of existence. So, here we have for you a list of songs that go perfectly with the easy-going mood of the season. It is fall!

  • Tame Impala’s Feels like we are only going backwards- This song has a different tone to it then, maybe that difference can be felt with all the songs of this band. It is not a sad song, it is not a happy song either. To be honest it does not fall in a specific genre when it comes to what to feel of this song.
  • Phir Se Ud Chala from Rockstar- When we talk about A.R. Rahman and when we talk about Rockstar we wonder if the mind will settle at a place after achieving something and this song is the perfect description of someone who is working day and night for his dreams and wondering where the path will take him to when it comes to his existence.
  • Afterglow by INXS– This is my personal favourite in the list. This song is for people who want to go to a metaphorical place which is there. It is like some force or sudden urge that makes you follow soething to the end and afterglow is the perfect song for a light but heavy feeling one cannot describe.
  • Apocalypse by CAS- This is not just a September song but a song for entire year. The lyrics are simple and the music is soothing the band is already known for its path-breaking country music. This particular number describes one’s feelings in a way I have heard no song do.
  • Tu Bin Bataye from Rang De Basanti- One more masterclass from A.R. Rahman, this song is somewhat lesser known and underrated. It is about the thing that you feel when you know you are with someone with whom you can settle anywhere in this world and still be happy. If you haven’t heard the song then do it also revisit the movie.

And if you are wondering why Wake me up when September ends is not in the list? Of course, everyone already knows so why would it be?