The Love Is Eternal

Every day starts with a few things; a cup of coffee, a plate of breakfast, and a few words of love.  The love, in fact, isn’t quite visible in words but it is so damn visible when one grows up. Okay, it is about words in the morning from a father telling you how to go about it and words of care. Father’s loving hands make it all so clear as blue skies when it runs through the hair. Well, it doesn’t stop there.

Father, A Torchbearer

How do you come to know about all this? Father has a way to everything. He is a torchbearer who is always ahead of us and shows the way to a bright and complete future. There comes a time when this torch is passed to us; we decide how we want to use this source of light given by the man.  Not only does he know what we are going to need for a lifestyle we want but also who we are. From the first step to the last breath; everything we need to know.

There For Everything

A man goes in the morning and returns in the late evening; this is his determination and love for the family. Every time, a kid needed him he was there. The moment a child takes birth, father knows his duty very well and over time hones it up. He is there to propel you higher, cover for you, and be there for you every time you need him. Love is differently active. Don’t worry, your father has got your back forever and ever. The man finds it all easy to do.

Day To Celebrate Fathers


Is It Describable

Relationships ask for reciprocity but this relation is a bit different from all others. Father doesn’t ask for anything in return; all he wants is your wellbeing in life. It is something he can easily rejoice forever as he considers himself a part of it. This is something so out of the world; this is your father. Go, shake hands with him, look him in the eyes and tell him how much you love him. This is the loveliest of father’s day gifts a child could ever give to a father. The man might not show it but the love and happiness he would feel would not be describable.  Your pride is something he can take pride in; don’t know how. For him, it is as easy as it is for you to take pride in your work. The words can’t be enough to describe the boon, the father.

Celebrate With Him

Everything you got he tried so hard for it. The steps in the progress of your life, he had a part to play which he knows very well more than anyone else. A child moves with initial instructions from the father. The instruction works well and justifies his experience. Do everything possible and make all the efforts in the world to make sure you don’t say “little did I know.”