Stylish Braid Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Braids are classy, elegant, and just right for any occasion and place – college, party, or a desk job! So if you’re looking to notch up your braid game, here are some ideas! Dutch Heart Braid Crown Braid Defined French Braid Boho Braided Half ‘Do Double Rose...

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Purple Highlight Ideas That Can Pep up Your Look

Don’t lie. I’m sure you must’ve thought about dying your hair purple at least once in your life. But the fear associated with it is real. What if it didn’t look good on me! These fears are so real. So here’s what you can do – start with the ‘patch test’ and that means...

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5 Vintage Perfumes You Should Give a Try

I understand the ruckus around vintage perfumes. They are not the most popular choice when selecting our scent. But here’s the thing, new scents just can’t beat the charm of the classic vintage fragrance. And no, not all vintage perfumes will make you smell like your...

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