Effects Of Stress On Your Body

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Stress is a reaction to life experiences which can be beneficial to your health if it is for short term situations. When you are stressed, the body releases hormones that increase your heart and breathing rate. Read and know such alarming effects of stress on your body.  

Central Nervous And Endocrine System

Central nervous system (CNS) is in charge of all the commands and responses. Brain releases stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones rev up the heartbeat and send blood to all the emergency areas. When the stress fear is gone, all systems go back to normal.

Head Ache

Respiratory And Cardiovascular System

When you are in stress you breathe heavily to supply oxygen-rich blood to your body. Cases in which you already have a breathing problem, stress makes it more difficult. Stress makes your heart pumps faster which raises your blood pressure. This may even lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Heart Attack

Digestive System

When you are under stress, your liver produces blood sugar to boost your energy. Stress may also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. This may even lead to raid excessive breathing, increased heart rate, and affect your digestive system. You might also experience diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, or stomachache.

Stomach Infection

Muscular System

When you have stress your muscles edge up to avoid themselves from any injury. And just when you are fine, these muscles relax. Tight muscles increase the risk of having headaches, backaches, shoulder pain, and body ache.

Back Ache

Sexuality And Reproductive System

When males are stressed they produce more of the male hormone, testosterone. But if stress lasts longer, the level may even drop. This can affect sperm production and impotence. Stress can also lead to the risk of prostate and testes infection. For females, stress can lead to irregular period or sometimes heavy blood flow. Your periods may become more painful.

Period Cramps

Immune System

Stress stimulates the immune system which can keep the body away from infections. It also heals wounds. But when it is for a longer time, this may weaken your immune system. This may lead to illnesses like flu and the common cold. Your body becomes susceptible to common infections.

Cold and Flu