Life does get more pleasant and beautiful when you’re in love. But do you know, you get physically prettier too when you’re struck with Cupid’s arrow? Love and beauty go hand in hand. And no, we ain’t making up theories, it’s all science. Let’s know how this magical, natural makeup called love works!

  • Love Helps You Stay Forever 21

    When you’re blissfully in love, your blood circulation improves. This, in turn, brings more nutrients and oxygen to your skin. And, these are the key ingredients which make you look young. Glowing skin is another by-product of all this chemistry!

  • Love Makes You Slim

    Good news to all those lazy fellas out there who are looking to shed a few extra. Apparently, just being in love can help you become slim. When you’re in love, the body produces appetite suppressant adrenaline. Results? You’d be less prone to reaching for those oily snacks and junk food.

    What’s more? With your S.O being in so much love with you, you might actually start hitting the gym to keep them extra pleased!
To Love and Beauty
Love for Getting Pretty!
  • Love is the Best Conditioner!

    Uh, the money you spend on expensive shampoos and conditioners! For all it’s worth, haircare is easier when you love somebody. The hormones in your body increase which surefire lead to healthier and shinier hair. God, I just love love.
  • Get Big Eyes without Any Makeup Hack

    Have you noticed that models have bigger pupils than average people? Guess what, love gives you model-like eyes too. Our pupils get enlarged when we’re in love, making them look far more attractive and dramatic. Your runway career might be possible now!

  • Love Trumps Any Lipstick Out There

    Expect your lips to get extra pink or red when you’re in love. Also, studies suggest that regular kissing improves the shape of the lips and make them highly attractive.

What more you can ask from love!
Toast to love and beauty.