Have you seen how normal it is for Scottland men to wear skirts? So weird, right? But from myriads of traditions we have seen around the world, it looks completely normal, actually. You must be wondering what we have witnessed so bizarre that men singing and dancing in kilts is somehow appearing regular? Well there are lots of cultural peculiarities around the world that would make your jaws drop and eyes pop out. Here are some crazy behaviours and rituals .

1. It’s Rude to Turn Down the Front Seat in a Cab in Australia

Personal space is highly valued. But perhaps not so much in Australia. What seat do you generally go for first when boarding a cab or taxi? Surely, not the front seat besides the driver, right? Well it is rude in the Kangaroo land if you don’t take the shotgun. The driver might take an offense for your ‘snobbish’ crazy behaviours for not sitting with him.

While you may not raise so many eyebrows whether you sit on either one of them in India. It’d be a very obnoxious thing to do in the USA. And you know how much Americans are particular about their space and all!

2. People Throw Pepper on Single People in Denmark

People Throwing Pepper
Do people give you a lot of snide remarks for being single? Well, consider yourself still lucky if you are not in Denmark. Apparently, if you are single by the age of 25 in the country, it is okay for people to throw cinnamon on you. Then again, if your relationship status remains the same by the age of 30, it is perfectly okay for them to shower pepper on you! Being single really comes with whole another level of baggage in this European neighbourhood!

3. To-Be Bride and Groom Are Made to Pick up Garbage from Ground in Germany

They say marriage is hard work. And Polterabend people take it a bit too literally. Apparently, in this part of Germany, there is a custom which allows people to throw anything and everything made of porecelain on the ground which the to-be bride and groom will have to pick up together. This interesting ritual takes place just a few days before the wedding and is meant to teach the lovebirds how to work in team! Polterabend, incredible Polterabend.

4. People Rub Their Noses Together to Say Hi in New Zealand

People Rubbing Noses
If Japanese way of bowing down every time while greeting each other gets on your nerves, you need to see how the Maori people welcome one another. It is common for people in Hongi, New Zealand, to rub their noses together when they see each other. Sometimes, their foreheads rub against each other as well. As per the Maori logic, this is how they share breath, ahem, the breath of life! We wonder what happens when one has cold or worse, a running nose!

5. It’s Vulgar to Hand Gesture ‘Okay’ in Brazil

Okay Hand Sign
How many times do you use okay symbol with your fingers? It is as regular as the morning Sun, right? But in some parts of the world it can be as offensive as showing someone the middle finger! Apparently this hand gesture is considered very vulgar in Brazil. So next time if you go for a vacay in Brazil, make sure to stick to the verbal version of ok only. Okay, is not okay here.

Which one of these crazy behaviours seem the most odd to you? Tell us in the comment section below.