Aren’t dinosaurs fascinating? From their mammoth size to the fact that they roamed the planet when no human was around, does spark some interest in these massive beasts. And they thrived for whopping 165 million years until climate change wiped off their entire population. That was some 65 million years ago. Currently, the number of their species known is 700..and it’s growing! So amazing, right?

But you know, dinosaurs might be a little less awesome than you might’ve painted in your imagination. They’re wrapped around in several myths and we’re here to set the record straight. So here are some ‘fast’ myths that we often take about dinos to be true… but in reality, they’re far from it. Some common misbeliefs are:

They Lived in Main Continents Like Today’s US, Asia, and Europe

They not only lived on the mainland continents as we know today, but they were very much present on Antarctica as well!

They Breathed Fire!

As much as we like to believe and every single fantasy bone in our body convinces us to believe that dinosaur breathed fire, it’s not true at all. Fire spitting dinos are just myths and help in making stories more fascinating. But if we had dragons…

They Were This Huge Magnificent Creature

They were not all big gigantic creatures. Their size varied from being 50 feet tall to being human-sized and even to be the size of a chicken. So no, not all of them were big scary beasts.

They Flew, These Amazing Big Creatures!

No, only a few. Most of them didn’t have feathers and also couldn’t survive in water. Most just lived on land.

They Were Either Black, Dark Grey, Or Maybe Brown in Color

Umm actually, nobody knows the color of dinosaurs. Research hasn’t yet dug its claws deep into that. So all dinosaurs enthusiasts and paleontologists have to use some imagination for now when drawing them in their heads.

There Used To Be Intense Bloody Battles among Dinosaurs

Nuh-uh. They were not all blood-hungry cruel predators as science fictions make them out to be. Some were herbivorous and were totally cool living with their other dino sis and bros without launching ‘hunger games’ on one another. Most were, indeed, just vegetarians.

So, there’s that. I hope I haven’t killed your dino fantasies. Don’t worry, they’re still all cool with their sizes and extinction. And most of all, they will always be a potential material for a sci-fi fantasy any day. So, it’s all cool.